Are you looking for a new exhibit at your museum? Want something that will captivate museum-goers and have them coming back time after time. A MiniWorld installation is the perfect solution. With fully automated and interactive features, a MiniWorld installation will be your next big attractions.

Capable to be built on a huge scale, a MIniworld installation can have tons of people interacting with it at the same time, plus with total customizing abilities, our team can recreate any event, place or process to enhance the learning experience at your museum. With a MiniWorld installation, you don’t just showcase your content to your museum-goers, you let them live it!

WHILE ART is beautiful, with a MiniWorld Installation installed in your museum, you have a piece of art that is as fun as it is stunning. Allow museum visitors to marvel at the intricate design, minute details and engineered animations of a MiniWorld installation while providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment as they play with the interactive features of the display, allowing them to control the miniworld we've created.