In recent years, the travel industry has taken a massive hit, with Hotels further suffering due to services such as AirBnB. To compete in today’s travel industry, hotels need to be more than just a place to sleep. Savvy travelers want the total package, an experience when they book into their hotel. With a MiniWorld installation, you can deliver just that.

Create an attraction for your clients with an interactive installation in your lobby or offer smaller installations in hotel rooms for a fun, family-friendly feature in each room. Want an installation that really sets you apart? Consult with our lobby design team to create a unique lobby that is designed around a fully integrated and huge sized installation.

WITH a MiniWorld Installation installed in your hotel, hotel guests might not even want to leave the hotel ground. Allow your guests to marvel at the intricate design, minute details and engineered animations of a MiniWorld installation while providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment as they play with the interactive features of the display, allowing them to control the miniworld we've created.