When someone is in the hospital or in the need of other non-profit organizations, it usually not the best time for them or their family. At MiniWorld Studios we’re committed to enhancing the lives of those who need comfort, encouragement and sometimes just simple distraction.

We have therefore partnered with hospitals and organizations to provide a MiniWorld installation for sick or needy children to play and experience. At Miniworlds, the joy these children get exploring our miniworld is our ultimate goal. Contact a MIniWorld repetitive to find out more about partnership opportunities.

WHEN the world you currently inhabit consist of needles, medical tests, and grim prognoses or other hardships, why not escape to a miniworld full of marvels, fun, and excitement. Allow your patients or organization recipients admire the intricate design, minute details and engineered animations of a MiniWorld installation while providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment as they play with the interactive features of the display, allowing them to control the miniworld we've created.