MiniWorld Studios is a collective of artist, technicians, engineers, programmers and true art enthusiasts, who work seamlessly together to create unique one-of-a-kind miniature worlds.

A MiniWorld Installation is created to perfectly replicate any environment and location down to the finest detail. With a variety of options ranging from full room models to singular props for use in video production, the only limit of what we can build for you is your imagination.

Every MiniWorld installation is a perfect blend of technology and art to create scenes so true to life, you'll want to step right into them. In addition, added animation, effects and interactive components add to the realistic feel of the installation while also creating a display that is exciting and fun!

Creating this perfect model is definitely a team effort and our team members are as unique and professional as each and every one of our installations. With over 100 years of combined experience in this industry, our team consists of

  • 3D Designers
  • Architectural Model Builders
  • Engineers
  • Model Makers
  • Furniture Builders
  • Painters
  • Scenic Designers
  • Sculptors

All of whom work together to ensure that every aspect of our installations is done to perfection.

Every MiniWorld installation is completely custom and created to fit your space and needs exactly. Even installation is done in a way so that the installment perfectly matches your existing decor or set style, creating a seamless design that will definitely WOW!